Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blog has moved!

Hey everyone! I have recently created a new blog, one that is more updated with the way i have evolved in the past 3 years! I would love it if everyone can check it out as I will be posting there now and not on Queen of The Nile. My new blog is called The Cleopatra Blog, read about it on the 'about' tab on the blog.

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Lots of love 

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hello there Thailand

Here I am in Bangkok. I am in Thailand for four to five months with my best friend Kirst, to explore the country as well as teach English to young Thai children. We arrived here safely at 8:30pm after a 18 hour trip from Cape Town! We had to check in to our hotel, H Residence, and then sort out a bit of admin. Then myself, Kirst and two other people in the same course (Explore Asia) went to a place I could not actually tell where its location was or its name- all we had was a piece of paper with Thai squiggles on it which we showed the taxi driver. It was recommended we go there by the friendly man at the hotel lobby (who's English was non-existent) who said we could have supper there and browse at the market. So one tuk-tuk, one train and one taxi ride later there we were! It was pretty cool and vibey place (wish I knew its name). Quite an experience! We up at 6:30 tomorrow for a briefing, breakfast and then off we go to Hua Hin, so off to bed now! Here a few pics.

Night honey blossoms.
BKK Train Station
Cool place with unknown name


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sneak Preview...

These photos are ones I took on my mobile throughout the night. I wore 2 different dresses because I couldn't decide between the two, one to the dinner and the second one to party afterwards. Hopefully getting the photos today!
Table no.2
Name tag haha 
The gorgeous ring Tash made me for my 21st

Myself and Kirst, who made such a beautiful speech!
Table no.2
Cake from Charly's Bakery
Myself and joey :) Her and Kayla made me the coolest video ever for the speeches!! Will post it at a later stage. 
Dario, me, Kirst and Darryn at Club 31.
The next morning....

21st Prep

Front of invite
"Dress" shopping...
Came home with two pairs of shoes and no dress. (Not these)
Make up 
Steve Madden shoes that I wore.
Hair @ Spoilt
Wait for photos of the night....

Newest addition to the family...

Princess Jasmine
Introducing you all the newest member of the Marcopoulos family- Princess Jasmine the first. She was found abandoned in Wynberg, tick infested with matted hair and in poor condition. I think she is warming pretty fast to Cinderella (my other Maltese). She is such a gem and so small- only 7 months and enjoys napping on my chest will I read.
She especially likes being held like this.....
Her new lumo orange bow, her and Cinders have matching ones. (This, on the other hand, she is taking slightly longer to warm up to)

Monday, November 5, 2012